Facial Rejuvenation

Ninah using microcurrent therapy.

I also offer one of the latest developments in skin care, the use of microcurrent therapy for facial rejuvenation. This approach integrates the theories of Chinese medicine with modern technology to optimize facial health, minimize the signs of aging, and promote overall health. Gentle electrical currents are used to stimulate Qi and blood circulation in the face, increase ATP production in the cells, and encourage collagen production. The effects include improved skin texture, tone, and color; reduction in fine lines and wrinkles; and reduced puffiness. Beyond its specific effects on the face, microcurrent facial rejuvenation has a harmonizing effect on the whole system. A safe and affordable alternative to many of the more invasive facial treatments offered today, it provides an effective treatment without risk of redness, bruising or other undesirable effects. Most people leave a session feeling relaxed and refreshed and with a beautiful, healthy glow.